Lavar Ball Rips Two Fox Sports One Analysts in One Sitting

Published On May 17, 2017 | By Brandon | Latest posts, Pro Sports, sports news, The Barbershop

By Brandon Simmons

Lavar Ball is probably the biggest name in basketball and possibly sports entertainment at the moment. Many consider his boisterous demeanor as a marketing ploy for his Big Baller Brand sports apparel company, which include the $495 Z02 sneakers available for pre-orders. Wednesday, the father of Lonzo Ball, whom many consider a top prospect in this year’s NBA draft, went to the Colin Cowherd Radio Show to continue the promo run of his sneaker line and ended up dropping disses on two of the network’s personalities, one of whom just happened to be in the same room. Ball openly showed his displeasure for criticism aimed at him by both reporter Kristy Leahy, Cowherd’s co-host on his radio show, and columnist Jason Whitlock, Cowherd’s co-host on Fox Sports One’s Speak for Yourself.

In the wake of the exchange, several Twitter users began posting a video which gave back story to today’s actions. In the video, it starts off with comments that Leahy made on SFY, which implemented Ball as overbearing and referred to his son, Lonzo, as appearing terrified. Later in the video, it shows Whitlock saying that Lavar was a “problem” for his kids, who are also basketball phenoms.

In between each of the takes by the Fox Sports One analysts, there are clips showing Lavar’s response to each. In his response to Leahy he asked her to “stay in her lane” and referred to her as a “hater”, in reference to her saying she would not wear a Big Baller Brand shirt. While still on the show, Cowherd asks Lavar his thoughts on Whitlock’s statements and Ball responds by saying the columnist should only focus on snacks.

Lavar Ball is not shy from speaking his mind at all. Every media appearance has been nothing short of entertaining and this incident was probably the closest things have reached a tense level. He has not shied away from any questions and continues that practice in a brash manner that many are not accustomed to seeing. Ball is being himself and has maintained that confident image throughout these last few months, whether you agree with him or not.

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