Lamar Odom Doesn’t Appear for His Arraignment and His Life Appears to be Falling Apart

Published On October 2, 2013 | By Big BOSS | The Barbershop


BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Former NBA star Lamar Odom was able to have his arraignment for a driving under the influence charge rescheduled Friday (September 27) for October 10, 2013.  Odom did not appear in court.

The 33 year-old free agent was arrested early August 30 after his Mercedes Benz SUV was spotted weaving on a San Fernando Valley freeway.  Once pulled over, Odom refused to take a chemical sobriety test and was arrested with a misdemeanor DUI charge.  Odom was released on $15,000 bail.

Lamar Odom’s name has been all in the news as of late, after it was reported that Odom has been allegedly battling a growing cocaine habit and having his marital problems played out in gossip columns and even his wife’s own show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.

A source close to Khloe tells, in an exclusive interview, that references to Lamar’s drug use is off the table for the reality show but the show’s producers are moving full steam ahead with plans on addressing the pressing relationship issues on the small screen.  The ‘shy’ Odom is said to want to handle everything privately.

Joe Odom, Lamar’s father, spoke out to the media against Khloe and the Kardashians blaming them for his son’s drug use and premature exit from the NBA.  Joe even calls the day his son married Khloe K the worst decision in his life.  Lamar has since blasted his estranged father in support of the Kardashians and reportedly will stop paying his father’s $2,900/month rent.

Friday (September 27) also marked Lamar and Khloe’s fourth wedding anniversary, which found Khloe possibly dropping subliminal hints about the demise of their marriage, and not-so-subtle moves that appear Khloe K is distancing herself from Odom.  The reality show star removed her married name from her Instagram and Twitter accounts as the private Odom continues to have his life serve as entertainment and gossip fodder.



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