Concrete Jungle: Rapper Monsta Kodi Standing Strong After Surviving Home Invasion

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Monsta Kodi was birthed by the popular gangster rap culture in the 90’s and embodies the gritty, hardcore punch lines that he raps about.   Still present in Monsta Kodi’s raps is the honest, poignant social commentary which stands out on his latest single “Concrete Jungle”.

Police brutality no love for humanity
It’s hard to keep your sanity when all you see is anarchy
Sometimes I feel like my own country abandoned me
Look how they randomly stop and put hands on me

And if I try to fight back then they gon’ handle me
They come to work with the guns they plan to plant on me
Know what to say just to get away with blammin’ me and
Won’t hesitate to take me from my family

 Monsta Kodi “Concrete Jungle”

To put it short, Monsta Kodi is a true emcee through and through and on many levels, listening to his music one realizes they have just encountered – well – a MONSTA !!

Monsta Kodi is armed with an arsenal of street and club bangers and has also amassed a stronghold of lyrical gold working his way through the underground music scene.  Coincidentally, it was his charitable work that was shining a brighter light on his music career.

In Fall 2016, Monsta Kodi participated in back to school drives joining efforts with DJ Dr. Doom, 104.5 WCTG (Fayetteville, NC) and the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Kodi also continued to help kids jumpstart their school year with popular on-air personality Genedotcom  (101.5 FM WSOL Jacksonville, FL) distributing hundreds of backpacks filled with school supplies.

DJ Easy E (93.3 WJBT The Beat) approached Monsta Kodi about crafting a song about breast cancer.  For October 2016, Monsta Kodi released the touching “Wipe Your Tears” sending encouragement to the women suffering with the disease and acknowledging survivors of Breast Cancer.

As the light shined brighter on Monsta Kodi, he found himself becoming more of a target to the very streets he made his music for and tried to uplift.

On November 10, 2016, four masked men burst their way into Monsta Kodi’s home forcing his fiancée and baby sitter to the floor with guns to their head.  Kodi’s three month-old daughter was on a nearby couch.  His two sons were asleep in their rooms.

The noise awakened Kodi, who was sleeping next to his three year-old daughter in his bedroom, he now found himself wrestling with gunmen.  After a brief struggle, multiple shots rang out in the apartment turning his home into a crime scene.  Monsta Kodi was struck twice, once in the abdomen and one in the arm above his wrist.  A bullet ripped through his kidneys and intestines, but despite his injuries, Monsta Kodi was able to gain control of the gun to tip the scales on the intruders and protect his family.

“Ain’t no fun when the rabbit gets the gun,” says Monsta Kodi.

First responders on the scene hailed Monsta Kodi as a hero, but the brush with death made him take a harder look at the realities of Black on Black crime.  Monsta Kodi was supposed to be promoting his social justice documentary “No More Killing” and instead he found himself in the hospital healing from an attack.

On November 19, 2016, Monsta Kodi walked out of the hospital with new scars and renewed focus.

Ironically, that same day “Wipe Your Tears” won the Academia Award for Best Song – Rap/Hip Hop for November 2016.  Some may say the win was a sign.  For those that wanted his downfall, the victories were more of an omen.

The home invasion did not and will not knock Monsta Kodi off of his course.

In Monsta Kodi’s new single “Concrete Jungle” he is reflective on the lack of love in the streets that it is only made worse by the devastation of Black on Black crime.

Came through on vacation, left on probation
Now I’m in the cell pacin’ on my second violation
They making cash off of mass incarceration
Spending more money on jails than they do on education

We was cursed when they birthed this nation, but
We ruled Earth before them jerks invaded and
What hurts worse is the way that they hate us and
We fight each other when they the ones played us

All this Black on Black crime,
It’s getting outrageous
Rather rob, steal and kill
Than slave for minimum wages
The Poor Man’s Cycle got us stuck in the Matrix
How long will it take us to awake MONSTA !!

Monsta Kodi “Concrete Jungle”

Through it all – he remains a Monsta …

You can follow Monsta Kodi (@Monstakodi – Twitter, IG: whoismonstakodi) and hear more of his music at .  You can also purchase the “Concrete Jungle” single at

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