This All-Star Game Kobe Bryant Is Happy Just Being One Of The Guys

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Kobe Bryant has had a storied NBA career and as he makes his final appearance in this year’s NBA All-Star Game he surprisingly is not looking for a storybook ending.

Bryant’s “farewell tour” this year has been a bittersweet one as the career of one of the NBA’s fiercest competitors comes to a close on a team that is sub par at best.  The All-Star game is a time to celebrate the best the NBA has to offer, and although it is the apex of his retirement year – as there are only 2 months left in the season – Bryant has no interest in being force fed a fifth All-Star game MVP.

kobeallstar2016coverHow could this be?  Kobe Bryant, a player who has been known to be ballhoggish doesn’t want to go out in a blaze of glory??kobecurry

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry told Kobe, “I have a lot of assists for you.”

Kobe responded, “Don’t. What are you doing, you’re a shooter. You grew up watching me. What the hell are you talking about you’re going to pass the ball in the All-Star game?” Bryant said Saturday. “What storybook ending? I’ve had storybook endings.”

kobeshaqallstarThese are the words of a man who has come to acceptance of his physical limitations from injury and age.  In my opinion, he has also relieved himself of the pressure of trying to display the Kobe Bryant of young one last time.

“I’m looking around the room and seeing guys that I’m playing with that are tearing the leaguekobejordanallstar up that were like four during my first All-Star Game. It’s true,” Bryant said. “I mean, how many players can say they’ve played 20 years and actually have seen the game go through three, four generations, you know what I mean? It’s not sad at all. I mean, I’m really happy and honored to be here and see this.”

kobelebronallstarAs painful at times as it has been to watch Kobe’s farewell tour on such a bad team, Bryant appears to finally be at peace with basketball and his perception within the game.

This year, this All-Star game, Kobe gets to be what he never really has had the opportunity to be – just one of fellas.



Check out some of Kobe Bryant’s career All-Star game highlights:



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