Kobe not Happy about his Own Teammates’ Post-Game Celebration

Published On February 25, 2015 | By Brandon | Latest posts, Pro Sports, The Barbershop

By Brandon Simmons

There has not been a lot to smile about for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. They are completely out of the playoff picture and their star player, Kobe Bryant, is out for the season. So when they beat the Boston Celtics in overtime Sunday, guard Nick Young and center Jordan Hill felt they had a lot to be happy about by crashing an interview with guard Jeremy Lin. However, Bryant, , a guest on Jimmy Kimmel, saw the tape and he found nothing to be happy about.

Kimmel showed the video of Young and Hill barging in on Lin’s interview proclaiming that the team was finally back, despite the fact they have been backed out of the postseason picture. As you can see on Kobe’s face he is not thrilled at all when watching his teammates act like they have won a championship.

But Bryant is not the only one who feels this sentiment about the team. Coach Byron Scott decided weigh in on his player’s antics.

“Kobe’s reaction was pretty much my reaction when I was watching it,” said Scott. “I was just shaking my head like, ‘I can’t believe this.'” Scott also mentioned that he showed the tape to his team the next day and scolded for their lack of professionalism.

Kobe has always been lauded as an intense leader, so it is not surprising the reaction he gave. As mentioned plenty of times in this article, the Lakers’ season is pretty much done. It’s a tough feeling for Bryant considering he is nearing the end of his career and the window to get a title is closing real quick. The other Lakers have their whole careers ahead of them or could possibly get traded to a contender. While that may not be a guarantee on either front, Kobe and coach Scott still must a stern and professional tone amongst the team to ensure success of their immediate futures.

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