Kobe Bryant Blasts the NCAA: “The System Really Isn’t Teaching them anything”

Published On January 24, 2014 | By Jeff Lightsy Jr. | Be the boss, News, Pro Sports, sports news, Strictly for the brothers, The Barbershop

by Jeff Lightsy Jr.

In 1996, a high school star basketball player by the name of Kobe Bryant decided to skip college and enter the NBA draft. 5 championships and 15 All-Star games later, most if not all would say that was a pretty good decision by the a 17-year-old Bryant.

In 2014 high school basketball stars don’t have the same option that Kobe Bryant had 18 years ago. And Kobe has definitely noticed and doesn’t like it.

According to Lakers Nation’s Serena Winters, Bryant takes exception to the current rules, which keep players from declaring for the draft straight out of high school. Kobe questions the NCAA basketball system, “It seems like the system isn’t really teaching them anything…” Kobe continued to say, “If you do the numbers and you look at the count you probably see players who came out of highschool that were much more successful on average than players who went to college for a year or two.” He is talking of course before the rule change.

The rule change came in as apart of the 2005 NBA collective bargaining agreement. The current rule states a player can not declare for the NBA draft until one NBA season has passed since there high school graduation.

The last draft class that featured high school athletes was the 2005 draft, that had 8 high schoolers selected. Those 8 players were Martell Webster (No. 6 overall), Andrew Bynum (10), Gerald Green (18), C.J. Miles (34), Monta Ellis (40), Lou Williams (45) Andray Blatche (49) and Amir Johnson (56).

Nine NBA seasons later everyone of those players play significant roles on the teams that they are on except for Bynum. But the 26-year-old Bynum is a former All-Star and 2x NBA champion.

But just because Kobe Bryant says something doesn’t mean that the rule is going to be changed anytime soon. There are still many people that are on the other side of the fence and believe that players shouldn’t be allowed to go from high school straight to the NBA.

This debate is something that will go on until the end of time, and some one will always disagree with the current rules no matter what it say.

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