John Hennry Suggests Slave-Owners Be Forced To Pay Back Child Support

Published On May 28, 2014 | By john | News, Strictly for the brothers, The Barbershop

BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Africans in America have suffered through 250 years of slavery, 90 years of Jim Crow, 60 years of the separate but (un)equal and 35 years of racist housing and credit policies.  Admittedly, Blacks in America have not been the only oppressed group, however other oppressed groups, like the Irish or the Asians, have been able to escape their persecution through hard work, education and assimilation, routes that are routinely denied to Blacks.  The financial disparities are clear indications of slavery’s lingering effects on the Black community and can be taken as proof that, yes, even today, Blacks are systematically subjugated to an inferior place in society.

sleepingOur youth are being fed into the rapidly growing and increasingly profitable Prison Industrial Complex and for centuries the familial structure of Africans in America have been systematically under attack, even now as the child support system continues to cripple the family structure and emasculate hard-working Fathers who are literally being abused by it.

These facts have lead for some to believe that Africans (Blacks) are reparations as a way to even the playing mixedslavesfield for treatment in this country that was built off the literal sweat and blood off of their backs.  Entitlements have been given to other groups in this country for many historical and social reasons.  For instance, the Native Americans being allowed to run casinos on their own controlled land.

Many people feel that reparations have already been paid with the bloodshed of the Civil War and would make no amends to anyone living, as the morally and legally responsible parties responsible for the sin of slavery are now dead.

But what about child support?

Yes, child support.  It is no secret that many slave owners raped their slave women who bore children of slave masters.  In fact, many of these “unions” are documented and even our founding fathers’ like Thomas Jefferson fathered children with Sally Hemings, a slave.

What I am alluding to is why aren’t these slave owners, or their families and descendants, many of which are still thriving today from the profits manufactured during 18th and 19th centuries because of the slave trade, forced to pay child support for the children born through sleeping (often and more likely raping) of their slaves?

Think about it.

mixedkidsOne can argue whether reparations are plausible, but not child support.  It is an institution that is alive and well.  It is also an institution that can begin to right one of the biggest areas where Blacks were hurt –  in the home or family structure.

What do you think?  Please give your thoughts ….


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