Is Young Thug The First Homo-Thug Trap Rapper? It Was All A Matter of Time

Published On February 14, 2014 | By john | News, Strictly for the brothers, The Barbershop

Young Thug: It was all a matter of time

By Brandon Simmons

Hip-hop has always been known as a masculine sport. Sure there were female emcess over time but on the mic for the most part the best ones had a delivery as rough or smooth as their male counterparts. But somehow never room for the actual gay rapper. Homosexuality in rap music has long stood the time of being a punchline. But just like society, things change as time moves on. Values are adjusted and people become accepting to these values. So there should be no surprise that the rapper called Young Thug is pretty much the first mainstream rapper to be openly gay.

youngthugpinkyshirtWhat is everyone so shocked about? People are so surprised one of his Instagram photos is him in a halter top/dress combo of some sort. Rappers have been slowly losing their masculinity and it has started with the fashion. In its prime, hip hop was baggy clothes, Timberland boots or high-top sneakers for the most part. Sneakers still exist but they’re being worn with skinny jeans. Guys are walking around in the same size jeans as their sister. You could even go back to when Cam’Ron introduced pink into the hip hop fashion collection. Lighter colors in hip hop usually were reserved for cars and maybe a few clothing options but pink was a no-no until 10 years ago. Soon every guy had to work pink somehow in his wardrobe whether it be sneakers or shirts.

But in Young Thug’s case it is far from coordinating with a baseball cap. He is essentially the living version ofgangstalicious the Boondocks’ character Gangstalicious, the closeted homosexual rapper who, in one episode, dropped a song called “Homies Over Hoes” and did a dance that resembled humping another guy. This was a parody way before Young Thug arrived but when there’s smoke there is fire.

youngthugdoublecupBelieve it or not there are actual gay rappers out there but not so much in the mainstream as Young Thug. Thug is all over social media calling some guy “bae” and wearing blouses. It’s not the next fashion trend. This guy is gay and there is nothing else to call it. There is nothing here to add to your shock value. Look around you and see what is happening in the world outside of rap. Gay people are in the public like never before. They hold real positions of power so a gay artist in one of the most masculine-defined genres of music was bound to happen. The fact this guy calls himself “Thug” makes everything way more oxymoronic. But he is here and every rap fan that has grown up on anti-gay homo-punchline rhetoric will accept him. It’s just a matter of time.

Check out this video about Young Thug:


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