Off The Market: Spurs Assistant Coach Ime Udoka And Nia Long To Marry

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

San Antonio Spurs assistant coach, and former NBA and Nigerian national basketball player, Ime Sunday Udoka, 37, knows about rings.

Udoka earned his NBA championship coaching after the Spurs defeated the Miami Heat in the 2014 NBA Finals four games to one, but it is an engagement ring that has him flying on a cloud and possibly the target of a lot of envy.

Udoka proposed to his longtime girlfriend, actress Nia Long, 44, and the two plan to be wed.  The couple have been together since 2010 and welcomed a son, Kez Sunday Udoka, into the world in November of 2011.  Now their union is official as they move forward in life.

nialongeng3I am sure there are plenty of dudes timelines that are filled with sorrow as Nia Long, who Jay Z called “every hood ni88@s dream girl”, is now officially of the market.

Nia Long has been the “hood covergirl” since her breakout role in the classic 1991 film Boyz in the Hood, alongside Ice Cube and Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Nia Long continued with popular roles as Will Smith’s fiancee on the television series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and other classic performances in films like In Too Deep with Omar Epps, Friday, Soul Food, Love Jones, The Best Man and Big Momma’s House, as long as sequels to the latter two films mentioned.

Long’s family is of Trinidadian, Grenadian and Bajan descent and her easy-going persona, as well as her easy on the eyes looks, endeared her to the hearts and minds of men all over the world.

Sexy, confident and a seemingly ageless beauty, although I know I probably never really had a chance nialongengwith Nia Long, I still held onto hope.  Well, that hope is gone now, *insert tears here*, but she does have a long list of “hood classic” movies that puts her in the apple of my eye.

Congratulations to Ime Udoka and Nia Long for strengthening their family with the institution of marriage.

Even though the San Antonio Spurs got booted from the playoffs after the first round of the 2015 NBA Playoffs, Udoka is without a doubt #winning !!



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