Ice-T’s grandson indicted for manslaughter after shooting roommate

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Reported by Michal Ortner

The 20-year-old grandson of rapper Ice-T, Elyjah Marrow, has been indicted of involuntary manslaughter, possession of marijuana with intent to sell, possession of marijuana of more than an ounce, theft, and reckless conduct of a firearm. Marrow was handling the firearm when he accidentally shot his 19-year-old roommate, Daryus Johnson, in the chest.

Marrow was arrested in June of 2014 for accidentally shooting his roommate. Johnson was pronounced dead at the hospital after being found by authorities at Bentley Manor Apartments in Marietta, GA.

“Marrow was not using proper firearms safety when handling the gun,” Officer David Baldwin told The Marietta Daily Journal, following the incident. “That reckless handling of the firearm is what led to Johnson being accidentally shot and eventually killed.”

Marrow was a frequent guest on Ice-T’s reality television show, “Ice Loves Coco.” He is the son of Ice-T’s older daughter, LeTesha. Ice-T was a senior in high school when he impregnated his girlfriend. He has been open about how he escaped a life of crime by joining the military after high school and then entering into the rapping world.

Currently, Ice-T is starring as Detective Fin Tutuola on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” an NBC television show that has been running since 2000.

On June 4, Marrow was indicted of several charges by the Cobb County grand jury but is currently free on bail.

In a 2013 interview with Rolling Stone’s Patti Smith, Ice-T admitted that he is glad that he isn’t in a life of crime, even if his life now seems “boring.”

“I’m normal. I just had a different occupation for a while, and when you’re in a different occupation, you have to carry yourself a different way. Most of my art is me bringing you stories from that era of my life. My life now is kind of boring. [Laughs] So it’s different.”

“I’m so happy I’m not in that life,” the rapper shared of his previous years in crime. “You have to embrace your evolution.”

Ice-T has made no comments or statements regarding the arrest and trial of his grandson.



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