Hold it Down: POP of Infamous Pimp Squad Reveals the Story Behind YouTube Sensation

Published On October 30, 2014 | By Brandon | hip hop, The Barbershop

By Brandon Simmons

The latest viral sensation sweeping the data plans of America is news footage of a Port Arthur Texas woman, Donna Goudeau, who was arrested after being riding in a getaway car. At one point in the video, Goudeau proclaims her innocence because she was legally blind and at the end shouts out the phrase, “ Mama I Love you! POP hold it down! Pimp Squad for life!” The video has gotten a lot of attention as well as questions. But, POP of the Pimp Squad recently spoke about the incident and shed light over the entire situation. He went to Houston radio station 97.9 The Boxx, and revealed that despite the all the jokes, it really was not a laughing matter.

“It’s really my people. And to see that it’s kinda crazy,” said POP. “Maybe If it wasn’t my people it probably would’ve been funny to me too but it was my people so I aint find it too funny.”

POP answered more questions that everybody needed the answers to, particularly who was the Pimp Squad. According to him, Goudeau came up with the name to describe him, her and their friend known as Frank D, whenever they went to the clubs on the weekends.

pimp squad

While that represented the fun times Goudeau had, POP tells the sad story of how we have come to know her. Goudeau was preparing to move to Houston that day and had to walk across town to meet with her friend for a ride. On the way, she saw some childhood friends in a car and asked for a ride, not knowing everyone in the car went on a robbing spree the night before. The car was reported stolen by a woman in Houston, whose boyfriend was driving the vehicle, after they got into a fight. When police pulled the car over, they found the stolen goods and everyone was arrested.

What many people do not know is that all of this happened three years ago; but what they have come to the conclusion of is that Goudeau is legally blind. POP confirms this notion and that it is much more serious than thought.

“She really is legally blind. Right before she had got locked up she was supposed to have surgery on her eyes,” he said. “Aint no way to fix it but surgery. I’m tryna get her out of there before she lose her sight completely.”

POP also adds that Goudeau’s blindness is so severe, she needs somebody to read items to her, something that may have cost Goudeau her freedom. When Goudeau was arrested, she already was on probation for five years but had a deal to finish her sentence out. Unfortunately, there was a paper for a sentencing of 18 years for her to sign and nobody to read it for her. So sshe signed the paper and ended up doing the long sentence. But POP says that with all the recognition Goudeau received through YouTube that a positive change in the case should happen.

As for now, Pimp Squad seems to be doing great and POP dropped a song off to the station entitled, “POP Hold It Down”.
Check out the interview below:

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