Hey University Of Louisville – Where Did All Of The Money Adidas Gave You Go To?

Published On October 7, 2017 | By sgrey | College Sports, Latest posts, News

By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

Whoever thinks college sports isn’t about BIG BUSINESS has a lot to learn. Every year, schools compete to bring in the best talent in order to win championships, keep sponsors happy, and assure that the student body and boosters are satisfied.

High school students are in many ways hounded by college recruiters. As the NCAA would like people to think that everything done in college recruiting is legal and ethical, the truth of the matter is that everything is not always done on the ‘up-and-up.’ Because things are not always done on the ‘up-and-up’ programs gets penalized and athletes suffer.

As mentioned, college sports is BIG BUSINESS. With success comes the spoils. Case in point – the University of Louisville Basketball Team received a hefty sponsorship deal from Adidas. So what’s the problem? It’s been reported that now disgraced coach Rick Patino received most of the money from the deal which was slated to go towards the school’s athletic department.

According to the Root, “On Aug. 25, when University of Louisville’s then-athletic director Tom Jurich was asked about where money from a new $160 million, 10-year deal signed between the school and athletic apparel company Adidas would go, Jurich assured all within earshot that the money would be used for the athletic department. ‘It’s for the athletic department,’ Jurich said, the Courier-Journal reports. ‘It’s for these student-athletes. It’s been earmarked for them.’”

However, upon further research, it looks like 98 percent on the money went to Patino. “In 2015-16, for example, $1.5 million went to Pitino under his personal services agreement with the apparel company while just $25,000 went to the program, according to a contract obtained by the Courier-Journal under the state public records act. The year before, Pitino also got $1.5 million, while the department banked just $10,000,” says the Courier-Journal.


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