Herschel Walker Gives His Take On Todd Gurley And Jameis Winston [videos]

BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Herschel Walker is one of the most prolific running backs to ever come through the University of Georgia and college football for that matter.  In a recent interview on the Paul Finebaum Show on ESPN‘s SEC Network, Walker gave his take on the Todd Gurley and Jameis Winston situations. Walker comes from a different generation of athlete, which he admits, but stresses that throughout the generations right is right and wrong is wrong.

images (1)“It is a sad situation,” Herschel Walker said on the Paul Finebaum Show on ESPN‘s SEC Network. “But I think Mark Richt is doing the right thing. I think Todd realized what he did images (2)is wrong. Coach Richt has sat him down, which I think is the correct thing to do because you don’t want to jeopardize all the other players. If the NCAA comes in and finds something that they did was inappropriate, then the whole team, and everything they have done, is punishable. I think that is what is happening at Florida State, so that is why I am sort of shocked at that situation.”

Gurley still remains suspended while Georgia investigates the allegations that he may have gotten paid for selling his autograph and/or likeness o a memorabilia dealer.  Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston has had more than 2,000 items authenticated by the same company that authenticated Gurley’s memorabilia signaling that Winston may have gotten caught up in yet another scandal.  Walker believes that the players should be held accountable, for more reason than one, but the dealers need to be held accountable as well.

download (1)“Kids ought to be accountable, but at the same time, we, as former players and as a society, should go after the people that put those kids in jeopardy like that,” Walker said. “We have to hold them to the same standards, because they know what they are doing to entice the young minds to potentially lose his scholarship, his right to be drafted, or lose his opportunity to play.”

Walker also says that Georgia head coach Mark Richt is doing the right thing by sitting Gurley immediately because ultimately it is the reputations of the coach, the program and even the teammates ofdownload Gurley and Winston at stake too.  He also feels that Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher is putting a lot at stake for a player who keeps getting into trouble.

“I know this is not the time of Bo Jackson or Herschel Walker, this is a different time,” Walker said. “But what is not different is right is right and wrong is wrong. What Jameis has done is wrong. You can say you are innocent until proven guilty, but one thing that is funny to me is that where there is smoke there is fire.

download (2)“You want to talk about the rape case, I do not know about the rape case, but I do know the young lady never recanted her statement. You want to talk about the crab leg situation. What I do know is the video tape showed him walking out of the store without paying for it. You want to talk about him getting on the table, students were there videotaping it. But now this comes up again and they are “oh he didn’t do it” He may not have done it, but you have to look at it and see what his word is worth.”

“He represents the alumni at Florida State and if he graduates, then that is how you want to leave a legacy?” Walker said. “Florida State is a better institution than that. Jameis is a download (3)young man that needs some guidance and someone to sit down and talk to him. The coaches got to do that. The head coach there needs to say, ‘You know what, football is important, but when you get into pro football, you might not get slapped on the wrist like that. You might get thrown in jail.’

“Florida State is not just for Jameis Winston. Florida State is for all those fellow students that are graduating. All those scholarship athletes that are going to Florida State. All their reputations are on the line, too. It is just not about Jameis Winston and that is what people need to realize.”

images (3)Finebaum took it a step further and asked if he felt Jimbo Fisher was enabling Winston by standing by his quarterback’s shaky word.

“I do not know Coach Fisher, and he would probably kick my butt, but I think he is enabling him (Winston) right now,” Walker said. “Because he put his reputation as a fine coach on Jameis Winston’s words saying I did not do that. Winston put his own reputation saying he is not guilty on these other things, which we know he is guilty of. You are putting your reputation on a young man that has been seen doing certain things but he has told you this. Well coach, he told you a lot of other things as well. I think Coach Fisher needs to think about that and not get angry at people, because people just want to know.”download (1)

What made players like Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson and others during their time was that they not only excelled on the field, but really were good examples of men off the field too.


Watch Walker below show you how to play running back:



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