Grammy Award-Winning producer says BET/Radio Stations have become drug dealers to black America

Published On July 3, 2014 | By Big BOSS | Latest posts, News, Strictly for the brothers

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

This interview is with Carvin Haggins, a grammy award-winning producer out of New Jersey. Haggins says that the urban music on the radio is entirely harmful toward black youth and that many radio stations have basically become drug dealers for the black community.

Haggins has a great deal of experience writing hit songs in the music industry and stands to lose a lot of friends, money and opportunities for his criticism. But he has created a campaign called “Rage Against the Ratchet,” which stands to battle against the toxic and harmful music appearing on the radio today, as well as during shows like the BET Awards.

Mr Haggins says that marketing is also important when understanding the influence that hip-hop music is having on black children. He says that while there are some who say that the music doesn’t have any influence on the mindset of young kids, there is a great deal of evidence to the contrary.  We regularly see examples of situations where hip-hop artists have the power to modify the slang that’s used, the clothes kids wear, and the liquor that black people are drinking in the clubs.  So, he says that it’s nonsense to believe that the violence doesn’t also send a mind-altering message as well.

The BET Awards had a record-setting year, clocking nearly 8 million viewers.  One of the featured performances was by the singer Chris Brown, who is currently facing jail time for violating his probation after beating his girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.  The song that Brown performed along with the rapper Lil Wayne featured the words “these hoes ain’t loyal.”  The song’s lyrics might normally receive protest from feminist groups, but the protest may have been muted because many of our leading advocates have contractual relationships with BET and are afraid of speaking out.  But BET is not alone in the media quest to harm black America.  The rapper Chuck D has criticized Clear Channel and national radio conglomerates for violating the civil rights of black people by consuming all of the radio stations across the country and sprinkling every community with the same toxic and repetitive messages.

Haggins, who is a music industry insider, says that the black community should take a second to think carefully about the messages that the industry is sending to black children.  He says that lyrics by artists who promote violence, hatred toward women, and drug abuse are hurting the next generation in ways that we cannot imagine.  He has created a campaign called #RageAgainstTheRatchet designed to deal with this very phenomenon.  He deserves our support.

You can sign his petition here. 

You can watch the interview below:

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