Former Spur Danny Green Reveals Playing Through Groin Tear Missed by Team Medical Staff

Published On July 25, 2018 | By Brandon | Brandon S., Latest posts, Pro Sports, sports news

By Brandon Simmons

Last week, the San Antonio Spurs traded forward Kawhi Leonard and guard Danny Green to the Toronto Raptors, amidst a longstanding feud between Leonard and the San Antonio medical staff. The quiet disagreement centered around a thigh injury that the 7-year Spur suffered during the season, which led to questions on whether or not he was faking. Well apparently, he was not the only player on the team dealing with a serious injury. Not only did the fans not know but neither did the player themselves. On Tuesday, Green took to his podcast, Inside the Green Room with Danny Green, to reveal the injury and to the extent in which he was hurt. He claims that it was during a December game against the Boston Celtics when he got the injury that started a long path.

“I strained my groin the first half,” said Green. “Get an MRI the next day and seen it was a slight strain.” He goes into details how he went through rehabbing it, which included him missing 11 of the team’s next 17 games after the injury. Green also brought up how his agent suggested he get a 2nd opinion, a route that Leonard took, but he objected to.

“I didn’t want to because I have full faith and believe in the Spurs’ staff; they’ve always been great to me, they’ve always done right by me…”

However, his support of the Spurs’ medical staff did not stop him from supporting his former Spurs and current Raptors teammate.

“I see where Kawhi’s coming from when he got his second opinion…Not a lot of people are specialists in every area. It’s not like they are a specialist in a groin area or what a sports hernia may be. So to go to a guy in Philadelphia to get a second opinion shouldn’t hurt.”

Green went on to say that the tear was actually discovered during his exit physicals but the information was relayed to the Raptors.

Green’s description of this missed diagnosis shows the both sides of the phrase, “This is a business.” Usually players have to say this when they are cut or traded after an organization finds no use for them anymore. However, it’s only the top tier players who really take control of their careers outside of their organizations; but it does not have to be this way. Green might not be on the level of a Kawhi Leonard talent-wise but he should have sought out that second opinion, in hindsight. That probably would have prevented him missing those games this year and made the team more eager to keep him around to help with the new talent coming in, now that guard Tony Parker is gone to the Charlotte Horbets and immortal 6th man Manu Ginobili might not be playing much longer. It should be a reminder to all athletes that sports is a business and they should treat themselves as their best investment, before an owner considers them an unwanted expense.

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