Meet Myron Rolle: Former NFL Prospect Becoming A Neurosurgeon

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Former NFL Prospect thinks Academics

By Brandon Simmons

Myron Rolle was a football player that you rarely hear about or barely pops up into your mind. For one, he was a Rhodes Scholar and also a top player for the football powerhouse Florida State Seminoles. Now he is pursuing a professional dream of another kind.

According to The Grio, Rolle is now a medical student at Florida State’s College of Medicine.

myronrolledrRolle made headlines during his playing days when he received a Rhodes Scholarship and went to Oxford for a year to study anthropology. It was rare that a football player of his talents garnered such a high academic reward. Rolle was eventually drafted by the Tenessee Titans in 2010 but he never played an NFL game. Many people, such as writer Aaron Gruder, speculate it had to do with his off-the-field pursuits.

“It was not Rolle who was uninterested in the NFL, but the NFL who was uninterested in him, or perhaps even scared to have him around,” Gordon wrote in an article for SB Nation. “He never kept his desire to become a neurosurgeon a secret, and by 2010, the brain trauma issue in the NFL began to metastasize and enter public consciousness.”

Rolle also chimes in that his academic passions played a factor in his short stay in the league.

“Going for the Rhodes, it really put a label on me that was hard to shake, and frankly I don’t think that I did shake it,” said Rolle.

As for Titans beat writer Paul Kuharskey, it came down to a simpler issue.

“What the league wants, first and foremost, isn’t just guys who will play football, and play along. myronrolledr2It’s guys who will play football well. The Titans would have loved for Rolle to have worked out. Any team would love for a sixth-round pick to be a solid contributor or more,” said Kuharskey.

“There was a far simpler reason he didn’t make it. He wasn’t a good enough player.”

Perhaps that was the case for somebody who was picked in the 6th round. He did delay a whole year before entering the draft and possibly could have lost a step. But that is all in the past as Rolle prepares to tackle a medical degree.

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