Former NFL Player Says Aaron Rodgers Deserves more Money than James Harden

Published On July 11, 2017 | By Brandon | Brandon S., Latest posts, Pro Sports, sports news, The Barbershop

By Brandon Simmons

Since Houston Rockets guard James Harden got his historically rich contract extension, the sports world has been buzzing; but former defensive tackle Terrance Knighton is ready to sting with his opinion on NBA salaries. According to USA Today, Knighton felt a certain way about Harden and the other NBA stars receiving record-breaking contracts, due to the NBA’s new salary cap. He tweets out 2 stars that should have been making colossal money before Harden ever received a check.

“Aaron Rodgers should be making more money (than) James Harden,” Knighton posted. “Tom Brady should be making more money (than) Steph Curry.”

According to, Rodgers is in the 4th year of a 5 year deal, in which he is the highest paid quarterback in NFL history, at roughly $22,000,000 per year. Brady’s deal is currently totaling $41 million for 2 years. Harden recently signed a contract extension that made his current deal worth $228 million over 6 years, the richest extension in NBA history. Curry signed a 5 year $201 million deal just before that.

Per USA Today, the NBA has began a new labor deal in which players are estimated to receive 50% of all revenue before expenses; similar to what the NFL is doing now. However, it goes without saying that NFL contracts are not guaranteed.

Comparing the importance of these 4 superstars to their team seems easy but is much tougher when trying to get around to the sport that they play. Rodgers has won a championship for his team and a MVP award for himself, while Harden has yet to taste either one of those accomplishments. Brady has championships to his name and a MVP as well as Curry; but the key difference is Brady’s 5 titles with a perceiving average squad will overshadow Curry winning 2 championships with All Pro players by his side.

But ultimately, the economics of this situation seem to play out better for the NBA than the NFL. It’s easier to give guys $200 million contracts when there’s only 12 players on the team. As great as Tom Brady is, his franchise is paying for guys who can block, run, and catch, which could equal to 12 players on the offense alone. There’s also probably a huge skepticism about paying a huge sum of money in such a risky sport as football. A hit to the legs could put Rodgers out for a while, and nobody wants to give guaranteed money to that. So before Knighton jumps to the advocacy of NFL players getting NBA money, he might suggest to those guys to get a jump shot first.

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