Former NBA Player Cries as He Gets 8 Years in Prison for DUI and Weapons

Published On December 5, 2013 | By Big BOSS | News, Pro Sports, sports news

Keon Clark says that he was trying to turn his life around, but sometimes, it’s too little, too late.  Clark just got eight years in prison in a plea agreement to deal with charges that he was carrying illegal weapons and driving under the influence.   He seems to be regretful for his decision to put innocent people’s lives in danger by getting drunk behind the wheel, but it’s all too little, too late, since his fate has been sealed.

“I, uh, did a lot of stuff in my past,” Clark said in court, according to the The News-Gazette. “I have to own up to it.”

Clark pleaded guilty to two separate charges.  He received four years on each count.   He’s now 38-years old, and his life has taken a turn for the worse since he was a 23-year old pick in the 1998 NBA draft.   Like a lot of young brothers, he didn’t know the dangers of drinking too much and it eventually took over his life.

Clark says that he’s been sober for five months, and says that he wasn’t prepared to handle the stress of being an NBA athlete.  He also admits that he was on a “destructive path,” which is what landed him in prison.

“The money, the fame, the fact that I was on TV. People think money will make your life better. Money didn’t dissolve my problems. It increased them,” he said.

Clark is going to have to do at least four years before being eligible for parole.   His attorneys are recommending that he be sent to the Illinois Department of Corrections drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in order to receive treatment.

Lawyer Jim Martinkus says that Clark’s addictions are what led to his downward spiral and he wants him to receive help.  Many crimes are committed by people under the influence of drugs and alcohol, some of whom don’t even remember what they did.

During Clark’s best year as an athlete, he started 31 games for the Toronto Rapters back in the 2001- 2002 season. He averaged 11.3 points and 7.4 rebounds during that season.


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