Former Auburn Coach Says Condi Rice Has No Business Evaluating College Football

Published On October 8, 2013 | By Big BOSS | College Sports, News, sports news


When Condoleezza Rice was added to the selection committee for the college football playoff, a lot of heads were turned.  Everybody knows that Condi loves sports, but no one really saw her as a big enough sports fan to actually make those kinds of critical decisions.

Former Auburn Coach Pat Dye is now among the critics of Rice, who feels that the former Secretary of State has no business making big decisions in college football.

Speaking WJOX 94.5′s morning show, The Opening Drive, Dye said this:

“All she knows about football is what somebody told her,” he said. “Or what she read in a book or what she saw on television. To understand football, you’ve got to play with your hand in the dirt.

“I love Condoleezza Rice and she’s probably a good statesman and all of that, but how in the hell does she know what it’s like out there when you can’t get your breath and it’s 110 degrees and the coach asks you to go some more?”

Dye is going to be attacked for his comments, not only because they are going to be seen as sexist, but also because he ignores the fact that the BCS formula consists of a lot of white males in media who’ve never played the sport in their lives.   It’s also interesting that he’s going after a woman who is also from Alabama like him, bad move.

He also says that Condi is going to be just as political when picking the team as she is with picking politicians.

“That goes back to politics,” Dye said. “Which one she likes best, which one’s the smoothest talker. The game is played on the field.”

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