Five Ways for a Black Man to Keep from Being Broke for the Rest of his Life

Published On October 14, 2013 | By Big BOSS | Be the boss, News

Everybody wants money, at some point, for something.  Part of being a BOSS means knowing how to control your own destiny.  You don’t let anybody else control your thinking or make you believe that the world is something that it’s not.  Life isn’t easy, but there are ways that you can at least avoid shooting yourself in the ass early in life.

Most of us have that friend who has put himself in such a bad situation that he can never climb out.  How do you avoid being that dude?

Well, here’s a few things you can do to make yourself into a lifetime BOSS and avoid going broke.

1) Don’t get caught in child support court, at least not too often.  Having a stack of baby’s mamas will leave you financially busted.  A ton of bankruptcies happen every year because a dude didn’t know how to keep his sh*t in his pants.  You can be who you want to be with, but unprotected sexx can cause you a lifetime of misery.  Learn how to use a condom and use it well.

2) Don’t spend money like a rapper does, most of them are broke.  Most rappers don’t drive the cars in their videos, since they are faking it till they make it.  Popping $500 bottles and buying expensive, designer bullsh*t is stupid, and only makes some white man rich.  But that same white man won’t give your black azz a job if you turn in your application.  Keep your money in your pocket, save and invest with it, and you might have a chance to be a BOSS yourself.

3) Education pays off, don’t ignore it.  Ignorance is bliss, but it doesn’t pay the bills.  Go to school, study hard.  Be a BOSS in the classroom and in everything you do.  By being the smartest and strongest black man you can be, you give yourself a chance to be successful in a world that wants to see you in prison.

4) Learn to start your own business.   The only way to make real money is by owning your own business.  Working for somebody else means that your income potential is usually limited, and they can take your job away anytime they feel like it.  The path toward being a BOSS in America is to own your own sh*t.

5) If you pick a woman to be with, find one who will make your life better, and not create more headaches.   Never trust a big butt and a smile.  But if you do, at least make sure she has big brains to go along with it.  Having the right woman by your side can make you the king of the hill.  But having the wrong woman around can leave you singing the blues.  Besides the baby’s mamas leaving a lot of brothers broke, divorce is another way to flatten your bank account.  Don’t be stupid.

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