Evander Holyfield Gets Knocked Down In Charity Boxing Match With Mitt Romney

Published On May 18, 2015 | By maria | Latest posts, sports news

Reported by Nigel Boys

Although he was defeated in the run for POTUS in 2012, Mitt Romney, the former Republican Party’s nominee against President Barack Obama, isn’t afraid of stepping into the ring against any opponent, even if it is a former World Boxing Champion.

On the evening of Friday, May 15, in Salt Lake City, Utah, the 68-year-old father of five took on the five-time world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield. The bout was organized to raise money for Charity Vision, an organization that provides surgeries to heal blindness.

Walking into the ring to the sounds of Donna Summer’s “I Will Survive,” Romney had fun with the audience — some of whom paid up to $150,000 for a seat — by taking off his robe to reveal a suit and tie underneath. After stripping down to his boxing shorts, Romney faced off  with Holyfield in a match that lasted until Romney threw in the towel in round two.

Holyfield, father of 11 by six different women, took a tumble to the mattress during the bout, but it had obviously been choreographed before hand. At one point, Holyfield whispered to Romney: “You float like a bee and sting like a butterfly,” a slightly different version of Muhammad Ali’s famous words.

Holyfield had reportedly helped Romney train before the main event, with the help of the Fullmer Brothers Boxing Gym. With his wife Ann by his side, Romney knew the former champ wouldn’t knock him silly around the ring, as they were there to raise money for charity.

Joking with reporters, Romney said, “The good news is that Evander Holyfield always hits above the belt, and sometimes in politics that isn’t the way things are done.”

At the traditional stare-down ceremony one day before the fight, weighing in at 236 pounds, Holyfield said, “He’s the oldest person I ever fought. He’s the smallest person I ever fought. I’ve got a lot of respect for that.” Romey weighed in at 179 pounds.

Although the few jabs that Romney did land on Holyfield didn’t do him much good, the former Massachusetts governor appeared to avoid his opponents obviously restrained arms by ducking and dodging his way around the ring. “For a man who’s never got in the ring to box, he can throw a jab,” Holyfield said after the match. “He can move around. I was impressed.”

“The whole thing makes me laugh,” said Ann Romney before the match, laughing. “Mitt might write, like, a fantastic editorial about the Iran nuclear deal and how troubling it might be, and nobody reads it. But he’s going to step in the ring with Evander Holyfield and, like, the whole world knows.”

Confirming that her husband was now out of politics, Mrs. Romney continued, “We’re in a different place right now and we’re really focused on these charities that we’re involved with and our grandchildren.”

The good news for 52-year-old Holyfield was that Romney, unlike previous opponents, did not try to bite off his ear at any stage during the bout, and although the judges awarded the win to the former World Champion, the benefits went to a good cause. The charity is run by Mitt’s son, Josh Romney, and they hope to raise $1 million from the event to go towards around 40,000 surgeries for the blind.


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