Monsta Kodi’s “Easy Friend” Relives Surviving Deadly Home Invasion

BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

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Monsta Kodi, a Bronx-born, Jacksonville, FL based rapper, was at a crossroads in his career.  Growing up under the tutelage of Anthony “Wolf” Jones, media mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs’ most trusted and fierce bodyguard, Monsta Kodi was drenched in street lore hip-hop.

As natural as it was for Monsta Kodi to do gangsta rap, he was finding a broader audience rapping on other topics, but the lure of gangsta rap is persuasive.  Coincidentally, popular Jacksonville, FL radio personality Easy-E, whose wife had just defeated cancer, asked Monsta Kodi to do a song about breast cancer.

The result was the Akademia Award winning song “Wipe Your Tears”, thrusting Monsta Kodi into a new realm in his career where he realizes that he can rap about street stories, but also about real issues that affect humanity as a whole.  Kodi’s name was ringing in the streets, clubs and corporate boardrooms – it seemed that all of his hard work was finally paying off.  Monsta Kodi was happy to be receiving so much recognition, but was not expecting his growing success to be turn into a flashpoint.

Monsta Kodi’s “Wipe Your Tears” Offers Strength To Breast Cancer Fighters

One night while putting his baby daughter to sleep, four men forced their way into his apartment, armed, and forced his fiancé to the floor along with their babysitter.  Kodi’s other three children were asleep in their rooms.  The armed gunmen then found his way into Kodi’s room, where he had just put his baby daughter down to sleep, and found himself in a tussle with the gunmen.  The only thing Kodi could think about was protecting his family.

While fighting with the armed robber, Kodi was shot in the abdomen and arm, but was able to wrestle the gun away from the intruder and shot him with his own gun.

Monsta Kodi was able to survive his gunshot wounds and first-responders on the scene praised him as a hero.   One intruder was shot and another dead on the scene, it was clear, that in this instant, crime did not pay.

Monsta Kodi is giving his recount of the home invasion with a new release, “Easy Friend” featuring T. Rone and produced by Dread Beats, with an accompanying mini-movie.

Easy Friend is truth-based music that balances the fine line between reality and art.

The universe appears to be on Monsta Kodi’s side … Easy Friend, this Monsta is here to stay !!


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