Dr Umar Johnson blasts “Conscious Stripper,” calls her “Thirsty”

Published On June 16, 2015 | By Big BOSS | Black male commentary, Latest posts, News, Strictly for the brothers, The Barbershop

One of the inevitable outcomes of the black Internet battles is that there are going to be some casualities and unecessary, ill-advised beefs.  The Internet battle this week is between Dr Umar Johnson, the self-proclaimed “Prince of Pan-Africanism,” and Kymm Ringgold, a woman who calls herself “The Conscious Stripper.”

Recently, Ringgold posted a series of very testy text messages between herself and Johnson in an effort to damage his reputation by exposing the fact that the two of them spent some sweaty nights together in a hotel room.

For a few days, Johnson didn’t say much about the incident.  There were some reports about an explanation he provided on his Facebook page, but the message isn’t on his page anymore.   But this image was posted on Dr. Johnson’s page on Monday night, with a set of remarks that some believe were meant to ridicule the woman into silence for agreeing to do a radio interview on what happened between herself and Dr Johnson.

Update: The “Thirsty Conscious Stripper” will be interviewed on Thursday. I will be listening to see how she plans to stretch 3 late nights at a hotel into a full story, SMMFH….

I.G Team Get Ready to call in with questions!! We Gonna Shut dat ass down!! She must be planning to lie her ass off!!


Looks like this is getting pretty ugly.

Dr Umar’s facebook fans didn’t seem to appreciate this most recent post, with the woman being compared to a serial killer from a horror movie “Saw.”  Some people blasted him out in the open.   Here are some sample comments that appeared on his page after the post:

  • Cortezya Williams Im disappointed not in your late nights but the fact your even acknowledging this callin her all kinds of names you should have acknowledged the situation and moved past … It happened oh well.
  • Tiffany Davis Sir, are you implying that the text messages that she’s broadcast for the world to see are merely Photoshopped and that she’s conspiring to destroy your image? I’m definitely not judging either party involved. If this was nothing more than a fling, why continuously add fuel to the fire by bringing constant attention to the situation? I’m a bit perturbed by the fact that you seem to be laying all of the blame in the lap of the woman while evading taking onus of the part you played in this ordeal. Every action has a consequence whether good or bad. There’s no need to run from it. Face it head on then move on.

Melanie Payne Im going to agree and i dont mean (yes i do)but why the hell you giving this any energy. People shouldn’t even be interested in listening to that garbage. Black folks love drama and gossip. There is work to be done and people including you are distracted. She is part of thier plan and you already said you you were with her. You about to loose alot of people if you dont switch where you put your energy on.


Umar has a lot to lose, so he might want to stand down on this one.  If you were caught in a similar situation, what would you do?  Do you think that what Dr Johnson did was wrong or hypocritical, or was he just being a man?

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