Ouch: Player Rips Out Running Back’s Dreadlocks During Tackle

Published On November 19, 2013 | By Griot | News, Other Sports, sports news

According to Bleacher Report, Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Jason Babin was apart of a bizarre highlight this weekend. After one play on Sunday, Babin emerged from a pile with a handful of Arizona Cardinals running back Andre Ellington’s hair. Video footage doesn’t show exactly how it happened.

Apparently Babin wasn’t inclined to hold on to the hair.

Ellington spoke out about the situation via twitter: Hair is all good. Nothing serious. Look worse than it really was. S/o to the dread heads! Will get it stitch back in. Birdgang got the win!

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That looked like it could’ve been extremely painful. I surely wouldn’t want a big lineman tugging on anything attached to my head. Braids are pretty easy to wrap up and protect. Locks, on the other hand, are nearly impossible to fit under helmets.

This is one of the more grimacing cases of hair-pulling I’ve seen. I bet Wellington was moving so fast the hair broke in the middle versus the root. Imagine the serious injury that couldn’t occurred if the tear occurred at the scalp?

Hopefully players take note and try some safer different hair styles in the future. The league may even intervene with rules for hair in the dress code. Long hair has no place in football.


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