Did Colin Kaeperick Get Screwed Again?

Published On August 7, 2017 | By sgrey | Football, Latest posts, News, sports news

By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

Can we be honest and say that racism isn’t going anywhere? It’s evil in every way, shape, and form. As a matter of fact, those who choose to participate in this form of evil do a disservice to everyone they meet.

There’s no secret that racism has played a significant role in athletics. Unfortunately, many and definitely not all Black athletes are stereotyped based on their physical attributes. Rarely do you hear of commentators talking about the intellect of Black players. Comments such as athletic, strong, fast, and durable are given towards Black athletes while intelligent, smart, analytical, and composed are given to white athletes.

Because we’re living in a racist world (direct and indirect), there’s always a problem when Black athletes decide to speak up and speak out against American injustice. By now, there’s no surprise that Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by NFL owners because of the stance he took against the U.S. flag. Instead of standing, he decided to sit and later kneel as a way of showing America that it has a problem. A problem that must be addressed regarding racial profiling and police officers killing unarmed Black men.

Kaepernick’s actions have cost him from being picked up by an NFL team. Those who watch football know that Kaepernick is qualified to be a starting quarterback. It’s just his social justice activism that’s keeping him out.

As a slap in Kaepernick’s face, the Miami Dolphins signed retired Jay Cutler to a one-year $10 million dollar contract. Cutler, the former quarterback of the Chicago Bears has a strong arm, but a bad attitude and no real winning record.

“Although there were arguably worse quarterbacks than Cutler during his days with the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos, he developed a reputation for being an overpaid quarterback who choked during big games, threw inconsistent passes, missed dozens of games due to injury, and had a bad attitude. There will always be quarterbacks that are statistically subpar in the NFL, but a quarterback can’t be a leader and have a bad attitude. Cutler is known for his indifferent looks and poor body language. A multitude of ex-teammates and coaches have ripped Cutler for his play on the field and attitude off the field,” according to Rolling Out.

Once again, NFL owners have shown their true colors.

Here’s the question – Are NFL owners being racist for not signing Kaepernick or do they really think he isn’t good enough to play?


Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III is a speaker, author, and success coach. Contact him at www.sinclairgrey.org drgrey@sinclairgrey.org or on Twitter @drsinclairgrey.org

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