John Hennry: Colin Kaepernick and the Art of Deflection

BY: ┬áJohn “Hennry” Harris

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been vilified as being unpatriotic and disrespectful to our armed forces members for choosing to protest the injustices in this country by “sitting” out the national anthem.

Although, Kaepernick plainly, directly explained his protests the grossly overwhelming reports are ignoring that he actually stood up for our armed forces veterans and admonished the way they are treated upon returning to this country after their service.

#VeteransforKaepernick proved that many armed forces members and veterans agree with Kaepernick, the common narrative that is being played out in the media is that Kaepernick is anti-military and disrespectful.

John “Hennry” Harris addresses the way the media is deflecting the public from Kaepernick’s true message.

Also included will be Colin Kaepernick’s explanation of why he won’t stand during the national anthem. ┬áCompare HIS words to what news stories and comment trolls are saying and ask yourself, “Did they even listen to what he said?”










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