Cowboy’s Owner Jerry Jones Caught With Pants Down In Scandalous Pictures

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been known to make questionable decisions. Whether it was something like signing Tony Romo to a mega-contract extension, even though Romo has yet been able to guide ‘America’s Team’ to the playoffs, or taking a chance on high-risk criminal athletes that have been written off by other franchises.

Some pictures have surfaced today (August 5, 2014) and released courtesy of that have Jerry Jones caught in a questionable light.

According to, the site received the pictures with very little description, however, if you can see, very little description is needed.  Jerry Jones, 71, who is married with three children might have some explaining to do.

jerryjoneswilinThe pictures literally catch Jerry Jones with his pants down!  In the first picture, he is standing behind a young blonde woman groping her, well, you can see!  In the second picture, Jerry Jones is featured sans his pants with a young brunette who is down on her knees and looks like she is about to, or just got finished, well, uh, you can see!

One might try to argue that the pictures are not legitimate, but they look pretty legitimate to me.  jerryjoneswilin2

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is probably pulling his hair out right now.  Another scandal.  It’s bad enough he has to deal with scandalous, wild, sometimes out of control players, but when team owners are exhibiting the same behavior, it really is a harder blow to take.  Earlier this year, it was Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay who was arrested for a DUI and drug possession.  He has yet to punish Irsay, but after his perceived as lenient punishment on Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for domestic abuse, all eyes are on him.

goodellstressedlookBillionaire Jerry Jones is just another thorn in the butt of Goodell at this time.

It sure appears that these rich owners are acting just like these players they publicly admonish and kick out the league when they make mistakes.  At least to Jones’ credit, he has proven to not judge those players as harshly.

Now we may know why.

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