Chief Keef Defiance represents a Horrible Trend Among Black Teens In Chicago

Published On March 14, 2014 | By vigalantee | News, The Barbershop, vigalantee



Ten people was wounded Last weekend in Chicago, and  the majority of the victims were teenagers. Something must happen to change the ever growing trend of young blacks glamorizing drugs and guns that is destroying communities. There are so many traps that are enticing to young black teenagers, such as money,fame,and nice cars. The rapper chief keef is a teenager that knows all about the harsh reality of the streets and the consequences of drugs and guns,but instead of staying away from it,he chooses to promote it and the biggest thrill of it all is the fact that he gets paid to rap about it,even when he’s caught up in the system himself. His run in with the law is well documented. Chief  has been real lucky to be a teenager when it comes to his violations.Unfazed by his stint in rehab,Chief drops a single called “F–k Rehab”  and that’s my problem with his actions.  Many of his peers will look at him as a rebel,but they FAIL TO UNDERSTAND THAT CHIEF IS IN A DIFFERENT TAX BRACKET,they will not have the same advantages that he has. Somebody please get in this young boy’s ear fast before it’s too late. Check out Vigalantee take on the song.


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