The Cavaliers Are Champions But Face HUGE “Decisions” This Off Season

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

The Cleveland Cavaliers shocked the world by overcoming a 3-1 deficit to become the first team in NBA history to win an NBA Finals facing such odds.

LeBron James has led the Cavaliers to two straight NBA Finals since returning to Cleveland, which is a great, but now the franchise, and namely general manager David Griffin, must answer some huge questions pertaining to the future of the franchise moving forward.

Do you keep the same team intact, minus Richard Jefferson who has decided to retire from the NBA?

Do you make changes to the Big Three to get a deeper, possibly younger, more versatile team?

1.  Will LeBron James remain a Cavalier after this season?lebronmonsterblock

As crazy as it may seem, it is not necessarily guaranteed that LeBron James will remain in Cleveland.  LeBron James has been signing one-year deals, under the framework that he is allowing himself to be in position to take advantage of the rising salary cap from the new collective bargaining agreement and to keep the pressure on team owner Dan Gilbert to keep his promises on improving the team.

There have been rumors surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers or the Miami Heat being “in the mix” for landing LeBron. Although just rumors, this may be a real situation brewing, especially with the free agency decision of Kevin Durant and the possibility of where he could land.

2.  Is Kevin Love still the answer for Cleveland?

jamesloveThis is another question that ultimately lands on the shoulders of LeBron James.  James has the most to do with whether certain players are brought in to the franchise or released and during their championship run, Kevin Love did not quite perform as well as expected.

With Minnesota, Love was an All-NBA player, but the talent and promise he showed with the Timberwolves has been virtually non-existent in Cleveland.  To be fair, his role is significantly different with the Cavs, but it is hard not to see that Love may really may not be a good fit.

3.  Who are the priorities to re-sign to the team?

Outside of the glaring need to resign LeBron James, the Cavaliers have other free agents to deal with like:  J.R. Smith (player option), Matthew Dellavedova (restricted), Mo Williams (player option), Timofey Mosgov and James Jones. 

mosgovLast year, Mosgov played like a god-send, but this season he has been stuck on the bench.  The talent is there, but like Love, the question is whether he is still a fit.  One good thing is that he could possibly be used to help bring in a player in a trade. JRSmith

James Jones is a LeBron favorite and settling presence in the locker room.

J.R. Smith has really turned around his reputation and has done a lot to get interest from other teams.  His defensive presence and timely shot-making ability makes him valuable, but will the Cavaliers want to pay him?

The Cavaliers don’t have a first or second-round pick in the upcoming NBA Draft as their first-round pick belongs to the Phoenix Suns and their second-round pick belongs to the Boston Celtics.

They may be able to find a gem, but it is a long-shot that the team will be able to fill significant needs in the draft.

Decisions, decisions.


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