Boxing Champ Jermain Taylor Arrested After Allegedly Threatening To K!ll Small Kids

Published On January 26, 2015 | By nomalanga | Latest posts, News, sports news

By Victor Ochieng

The current International Boxing Federation (IBF) middleweight champion Jermain Taylor was arrested over an accusation that he threatened to shoot a married couple and their three children. The boxer had turned himself in after learning of the charges only to be apprehended and thrown behind bars in a Little Rock, Arkansas cell.

A woman, Toya Smith, had earlier reported to the police that Taylor threatened to shoot her three children— ages 1, 3, and 5— and then pointed the gun to her husband’s head before she shoved off the weapon.

The 40-year-old woman narrated that she and her family had taken time out together on Monday to watch the MLK Day parade. Taylor, who was also enjoying the parade, then produced his IBF middleweight championship belt and asked to take a picture with one of Smith’s sons. The belt accidentally fell. However, Taylor thought that the 5-year-old had dropped it intentionally. That got him heated, resulting in the drama.

Witnesses said that Taylor looked like he had been drinking.

“He bent down to give my son the belt and he almost fell over and dropped the belt, and he thought my baby dropped the belt,” Smith said.

When the family realized that the boxer was enraged, they tried to escape to the car, but Taylor pulled out his firearm and pointed it at the husband’s head. According to Smith, Taylor looked very serious and appeared to want to kill her husband. She then jumped between them and pushed the gun away. Taylor then let out two shots in the air.

“He was going to shoot him, but I saw it, he was going to kill him and I had to hit the gun,” said Smith. Instead of letting them go, he continued pointing the gun at the family even when they escaped to their car.

Taylor is facing two counts of battery, one count of possession of illegal substance, three counts of aggravated assault and third degree endangering a child.

However, the 36-year-old denied all the charges and was slapped with a $50,000 bail.

Last year, Taylor was accused of shooting his cousin, Tyrone Hinton. He denied the charges and is set to face trial in June. Hinton sustained injuries, but he survived. Taylor could spend up to 26 years in jail if found guilty in the Hinton case.

A judge expressed how she wasn’t pleased with the fact that Taylor was wasting his boxing talent. She also mentioned that such achievements won’t have any bearing on the case and that he will be treated like any other person standing trial in her court.

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