Daniel Gibson Says NBA Players Brag About Cars, Shoes and Jewels But Not Investments

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Daniel “Booby” Gibson was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2006 NBA Draft with the 42nd overall pick in the 2nd round.  When he joined the Cavaliers, their backcourt was the worst in the league in scoring the previous season.

Gibson joined LeBron James and has made more than $20 million in his seven-year career with the Cavs, but still seen his NBA experience as somewhat of a let down.  Gibson says that he was not prepared for the politics and business that is a part of the game.  For him, he just thought it was about shooting buckets.

He is still thankful and happy for his opportunity to play in the NBA, but in retrospect, Gibson realizes that his time went by fast and he wishes that he would have been more prepared to take better care of his money.

booby2In an interview with VladTV, they were discussing the fact that in the locker room, there are literally hundreds of million dollars worth of athletes and these guys never talk about how they are investing their money or what types of businesses they are opening.  It was expressed that the athletes openly talk about what kind of car they just bought, or what kind of chain or shoes they bought, but no one talks about business.

Booby Gibson agrees and says that the NBA should take more of an active role in educating the NBA players on how to invest their money.  Gibson admits that when that check is cut, the players think more about spending than investing.

Gibson went back to his days with LeBron James, reminiscing how King James would pull up in high-endboobynborn luxury cars and finding himself wanting the same things, even trying to compete on some level.  Gibson said he could afford the same car, but wasn’t thinking about LeBron was making $19 million/year and had a $90 million endorsement deal with Nike so the financial impact of James buying a Maybach was not the same for Gibson.

He says the average player is not thinking about what they need to do with their money as it pertains to their future or their child’s future and once their career is over, its too late.

“You don’t think about down the road until the end of the road is there.”

Very insightful interview.  Watch it below:

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