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By Brandon Simmons

Dez Bryant Punked Y’all

For 7 seasons, Dallas Cowboys fans would have you thinking that wide receiver Dez Bryant was the best wide receiver in the league; but after Sunday’s loss to the Seattle Seahawks, they could care less if he is even on the team next year. It seems that Bryant punked the fanbase into thinking he was as dominant as he possibly was and it has all backfired on him.

Bryant has had some great days but they seem far in the past. The wide receiver was known for imposing his size on defensive backs, sometimes turning short and intermediate routes into big time scores. From 2012 to 2014, Bryant posted at least 4 games with 100 yards receiving and at least 10 touchdowns. In 2012 he had a career high 224 yards against the Saints and a career high, 16 touchdowns on the season in 2014. But since then that dominance has not been the case as his production dropped. Teams began employing double coverages on him, which took away his targets. Injuries also played a major part in taking Bryant out of the game at times as well as time during the season. Last season he missed 3 games and in 2014 was sidelined for 9. He hasn’t had a 100 yard receiving game this year.

Bryant has lured people in with a few good seasons but hasn’t really translated it into anything more. The people have been in awe of his ability to disrupt secondaries while verbally dogging them out as well as teammates. The latter can be seen in Sunday’s game and illustrates his career as of late. In one instance, Bryant was seen yelling on the sidelines about being open and not getting the ball, but then a few plays later he gets a catch and fumbles the ball. Later in the game, Bryant makes a catch for a huge first down and begins jawing at the defensive backs. Shortly after that, He drops a pass that is tipped off as an interception. The bottom line is Dez Bryant has ran his patience out with the Cowboys fans intypical NFL quickness. Just last week, he was throwing up the X after scoring a touchdown against the Raiders; now he’s about to find himself X’d out of franchise in which he ‘s the all time touchdown reception leader.

Seahawks Should’ve Lost…for Their Own Good

In that same game on Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks beat the Cowboys to keep their playoff hopes alive; but that was the worst Christmas gift that the Seahawks could’ve gotten for themselves. This team does not look ready for any type of playoffs at all. To point out how trash a performance the Seahawks offense did, just look at these numbers: Quarterback Russell Wilson threw for 93 yards and was also the leading rusher with 29 yards. That’s fine and dandy when you’re in the 3rd preseason game or maybe within the first 2 games of the season, but not when you’re trying to be the 6th seed of the playoffs. The only strong argument you can make for them is that their defense is still just as strong right now, especially in the passing game. This week, they held Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott to 182 yards passing and the week before they held Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff to 120, despite getting blown out 42-7.

That just goes to show that Seattle is not really as complete as these other teams. Going back to the Rams game, sure the Seahawks were able to bust up the passing game statistically but they still have gave up 244 yards rushing, including Rams running back Todd Gurley II going for 152 yards and 3 touchdowns. On the flipside, the Seahawks only mustered up 78 yards of rushing. They did their fanbase no favors by winning this game and Coaches dropping down one more draft spot, which they clearly need. Perhaps they can get a running back or add a younger piece to their aging defense. Obviously not everyone is going to go deep in the playoffs, but nobody wants to see their team reach the postseason just to get blasted in the first game. That is exactly what is going to happen to the Seahawks should they reach the playoffs.

Have the Browns Learned Anything?

This weekend the Cleveland Browns are set to become the 2nd team in NFL history to go 0-16 and you have to wonder when will this nightmare actually end. They have already fired their general manager earlier this season and could be on the verge of firing head coach Hue Jackson after this weekend. Rarely, do I agree with firing a head coach before his 3rd season with the team but the Browns are one of those teams where you might have to blow up some big pieces to find out what the problem is. The problem is, they’ve been doing this since their return in 1999. They’ fired everyone from coaches to GM’s and can’t forget about the infamous quarterback carousel of 19 that has led to most of their troubles.

Throughout all of this, at some point they have to have learned some sort of lesson from any of these mistakes. Cleveland has not been a model organization within these past 20 years but going 0-16 a year after you thought you were going 0-16 has to be an eye opener, for any team. Whatever move they make has to reflect with the thinking of the best move they have made. They just got wide receiver Josh Gordon back so things can look f up for them if they can build from that. Whatever they decide, it has to be a decision that the organization agrees will not take them anymore steps back.



Jadeveon Clowney turns Trash to Treasure – Last week, Houston Texans Defensive end Jadeveon Clowney called Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles trash. So in response, Jaguars fans sent trash cans to the Texans’ headquarters, addressed to Clowney. The Texans defensive end filled them up with toys and delivered them to children who were in need for the holidays. Ironically, it looked up for Clowney and down for Bortles, as the former scored a PR win while the latter threw 3 interceptions in a loss against the San Francisco 49ers.


James Harrison gets cut – The Pittsburgh Steelers cut their all time sacks leader James Harrison, right before the playoffs. Granted, Harrison only had 3 tackles for the year, but there’s already a report that he visited the New England Patriots, whom the Steelers are likely to face in the AFC title game again this postseason. Not a good idea to give the Patriots an advantage when they already have the refs on their side…as well as Belichick and Brady.

We are on the final weekend of the regular season and all eyes will be on the NFC South. The Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints will be fighting for the division crown, but won’t be playing each other. The Saints will be visiting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their shot at the NFC South title. The Panthers will also be on the road, against an Atlanta Falcons team looking to hold on to the final playoff spot in the NFC. They are competing for that 6th seed with the Seattle Seahawks, who play right after the Panthers/Falcons game. Essentially, everything might be decided by the time 3pm rolls around. But until then…I’ll holla.

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