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By Brandon Simmons

Is this the end for Winston?

It wasn’t that long ago that  Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston was a highly touted draft pick who would take the team back to a Super Bowl run; but it really wasn’t that long he held that spotlight. The first pick of the 2015 NFL draft put up some impressive numbers in the regular season, but has not found any playoff success. This season, he has not even suited up for a down. Winston is serving a 3 game suspension for violating the personal conduct policy. It doesn’t help that each of their teams won in their absence as well.

While his play on the field has not been terrible (4,000 yards in each of his first 2 seasons), it’s his off-the-field issues raising concerns. Many people remember the infamous case in which he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman at an off campus apartment. In this recent incident. Winston has been accused of groping an Uber Driver in March of 2016. However, the NFL’s investigation did not begin until November 2017. Winston was never charged with a crime but the league’s investigation somehow concluded he violated the personal conduct policy, and he decided to take the suspension with no appeal.

Right now, the Bucs are rolling but will they roll without their – at the moment – franchise quarterback. They have Ryan Fitzpatrick, who stepped in last year for Winston when he had a shoulder injury, and he has been killing teams to say the least. He has this team at 2-0 while throwing for 400 yards and 4 touchdowns in each of the wins. But a 36-year-old journeyman quarterback will only get you into the playoffs and too high to draft another franchise QB. Winston’s latest mistake bordered along the lines of an allegation and “Wrong lace, wrong time” but still something that must be avoided with better judgment. If the Buccaneers can’t trust Winston with implementing that, then they must do what they have to.

Are the Browns Addicted to Foolishness?

On Saturday, the Cleveland Browns announced they were cutting ties with wide receiver Josh Brown because he showed signs of relapsing. However, it seems the Browns might be the ones with the addiction. Cleveland can’t shake off participating in any type of foolery and it’s sad. It seems that the effects of reality television has left a sting on them since every situation is similar to an attempt at building storylines for a second season.

Whether it’s on the field or off the field, the Browns are finding themselves in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. One of their linebackers plead guilty to insider trading, and was cut, but picked up by another team soon after. Gordon, who was returning from a ban for substance abuse, allegedly appeared to team officials to be relapsing so they traded him to the New England Patriots for a 5th round pick. For most players, playing in the game should be an escape from the ills of the world, but Cleveland still has fans sick to their stomachs. They’ve blown two chances to win games this year based on their kicker missing field goals. While the first game ended in a tie, they lost their 2nd game by a mere 2 points.

Foolishness is a habit the Cleveland Browns have not been able to kick since 1999. They have gone through more quarterbacks in the past 20 years than any other team in the league. However, this was probably the year things may have been looking up on the bright side. They drafted a potential franchise quarterback in Baker Mayfield but also signed former Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor as bridge signal caller until Mayfield is ready. Defensive end Myles Garrett is hungry to wreak havoc his sophomore year and wide receiver Jarvis Landry was looking to be a weapon in their passing game. But ironically, instead of Gordon, it’s the Browns who are relapsing back into a losing culture. There’s no telling what exactly happened with Gordon that made the team believe he fell off the wagon; but it will be probably be revealed in the coming week. Hopefully all parties involved will have moved on to what’s the best for them.

Has the Steelers found themselves in the foolery?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in another player controversy, but this individual is under contract. Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown go into it on Twitter with a former Steelers employee who suggested the team would be better if they traded the All Pro. Brown subtweeted the post with the response, “Trade Me.” On Monday, it was reported that Brown did not show up for practice and no reason has been given, at least publicly. Between Brown and Bell, could things be that bad in the Steel city?

Bleacher Report ran an article quoting coaches criticizing the style of Steelers head coach Mike Tomlinson. One assistant coach was recorded as saying that the team was a “circus” and Tomlin “has no control” while the “players have too much control.”

It is uncharacteristic for the Steelers to be acting in this manner. They are usually regarded as one of the better-run organizations and steers clear of distraction such as this, despite Brown’s actions. A couple of season ago, after their divisional round win, the wide receiver drew heavy criticism for broadcasting the postgame speech on Facebook Live. So even though it appears that the mistakes are few and far in between, this is truly a bad time for them to be rearing their ugly head again. This Is a talented group that is winless when it should not be. Tomlin must get ahold of that locker room before he becomes jobless when he should not be.

Does Dez and Jerry need each other?

The other day a photo appeared, showing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant sitting together at the On the Run Tour 2 concert by Beyonce and Jay-Z. Jones, being at a Beyonce or Jay-Z concert is sort of strange enough; what is just as strange is him sitting next to the player whom feuded with the team upon his release this past spring. The photo led to speculation that maybe Dez would be back with a star on his helmet, which does not sound like a bad idea at this point.

The Cowboys won Sunday, but there has been much criticism about how the offense is performing. One of the main critiques is that Prescott has failed to throw past 200 yards in each of these first 2 games. Part of the reason could be that neither of his receivers have recorded over 80 yards in these first 2 games.

Bryant has not had the most optimistic storyline this offseason himself. Since being cut, two teams – Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns – have shown interest but neither has signed him. So far, there have only been rumors of teams interested but nothing real to suffice.

Dez and the Cowboys ended on bad terms, without question, but maybe somebody will give in to the other side. Right now, this receiving group does not have to put up spectacular numbers but it will be time to do so when the Jaguars, Eagles and Falcons show up on the schedule. This is a team that feels they can win now with the talent they have on both offense and defense, so they don’t want to waste that with wide receivers who are not helping the quarterback be productive. After missing out on the Josh Gordon trade, it wouldn’t hurt to give Bryant another run.


Shout out to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes who has set a NFL record 10 touchdowns in the first 2 games of the season. The Texas Tech product threw 6 touchdowns Sunday in a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, which brought him to the record.

Shutout to the New York Giants’ offensive line, whose play has been very offensive the past two weeks. They gave up 6 sacks Sunday in a loss to the Dallas Cowboys, which brings them to 8 for the season so far.

Shout out to Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick for his 2nd straight game of 400 yards and 4 touchdowns. Fitzpatrick threw for 402 yards and 4 scores a week after throwing for 417 and 4 TD’s. He even managed to style off the clothes of Buccaneers wide receiver Desean Jackson in the postgame press conference.

Shutout to former Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis, who retired at halftime of the team’s 31-20 loss to the San Diego Chargers. He probably couldn’t stomach seeing Bills rookie QB Josh Allen get sacked 5 times in this game or the rest of the season; so he decided to call it quits while the stadium was on a beer run. The 30-year-old quarterback did release a statement explaining his decision and saying he wish things were done differently, but his teammates probably have some statements they want to say to him.

This weekend the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons will be going at each other in a NFC South battle. Both teams got their first win this past weekend and will be trying to build off that. You can also look forward to quarterback Carson Wentz making his return to the Philadelphia Eagles when they face the Indianapolis Colts at home. But until then…I’ll holla.

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