Black Quarterback: The Debate Episode

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By Brandon Simmons

EJ Manuel’s comments and the Truth About Them

Buffalo Bills quarterback Nathan Peterman has been catching everyone’s attention with his play; and not in a good way. Peterman has been so bad that he even caught the eye of former Bills QB E.J. Manuel. Manuel was a first round draft pick of the Bills in 2013 and was there until he was cut in 2017. Injuries hindered the development of the Florida State product and he never quite gained a solid skillset in the league. Fast forward to 2018, where Manuel has not been signed by any teams but he has this message:

Peterman has had very rocky first starts/appearances to his career. His first start was mired in controversy when he was inserted into the starting lineup last season over QB Tyrod Taylor. In that game, Peterman threw for 5 interceptions in the first half, and was replaced in the 2nd by Taylor. His next start was 13-7 win over the Indianapolis Colts. Where he went 5 of 10 for 57 yards. His 3rd start came in this year’s season opener against the Baltimore Ravens where he went 5 of 18 for 24 yards and 2 interceptions.

Manuel is not wrong about anything that he has said; black quarterbacks are rarely afforded the same cushions to fail as white quarterbacks. The ones that are given that luxury, are practically oozing with talent and must be can’t miss prospects. Players such as Michael Vick or Cam Newton were practically megastars coming out of college. Within the first few years of their careers they became major forces on offense. However, any other time, a black QB might be picked up in the later rounds. Dak Prescott led the Dallas Cowboys to a division title his rookie year but was still assessed as a 4th round pick. There is one thing that Manuel did leave out was that white quarterbacks are more than likely to be nurtured. Bears quarterback Matt Trubisky was mediocre at best but nowhere close to looking like a number 2 pick. But after getting a whole new coaching staff this year, with an offensive head coach, he has been the NFL’s biggest surprise. Newton has been practically playing under a defensive coach his whole career but has remained one the of the top QB’s in the league.

There are a ton of average quarterbacks who were either able to make good careers as backups or just out of the league completely and that’s probably where Nathan Peterman is headed. There are probably a handful black quarterbacks who have maintained that sort of longevity of having a career with no major impact. God forbid, that a team picks up a Jamarcus Russell, to reinforce the fears of general managers in the league that black quarterbacks are more of a pain than can be handled. But when you think about it, none of those GM’s can handle the pain that Peterman is bringing to the Bills fanbase.

Amari vs. Demaryius

Two of the biggest trades at this year’s deadline involved a couple of wide receivers filling some needs for their new teams. The Houston Texans acquired Demaryius Thomas from the Denver Broncos while the Dallas Cowboys sent a 1st round pick to the Oakland Raiders for wide receiver Amari Cooper. With the Cowboys coming off their bye week and the Texans heading into theirs, both teams had a chance to show off their new weapons.

So how did each receiver do for their first day on the job? Thomas got involved in the game early nabbing a screen pass for his catch and getting a deep reception over the middle. He finished the game with 3 catches for 61 yards. Cooper had a similar stat line with 5 catches for 58 yards but he was able to snag a touchdown in the 1st quarter. Those were some nice positives but there was one glaring negative within this game. Neither team utilized these guys as much as they should have. The Texans got the ball to Thomas in the first half, but in the 2nd half he either disappeared or they could not find him to deliver the ball. With Cooper, his usage was spread out a little more throughout the game but it still seemed he was not really there to make a more immediate impact

But when it comes to who won this trade war immediately, you have to tip your hat in favor of the Cowboys. Cooper really looked like a number one receiver, something that Dallas has been criticized for lacking this whole season. It wasn’t his fault that the ball was not sent his way, as the playcalling seemed to lack of aggression but nonetheless, the Cowboys have filled a need that could help a little more down the line. The thing that counted against the Texans, was that Thomas was completely silent in that 2nd half. On one series, late in the game, he appeared to not know what the play was and it slowed the offense down a little bit. That was to be expected since he got there in the middle of the week, wgile the team is preparing for a road game. The Cowboys did have a whole bye week to prepare Cooper for the gameplan and familiarity with the playbook, so his role can only expand more as the season goes on.

Brady vs. Rodgers

Sunday night’s game between the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots was heralded as a matchup between two quarterbacks who have been part of the GOAT debate as of late; but there’s only one thing to take away from this “matchup”: what can be factored into being a GOAT. Some people will put a heavy price on winning championships, but Brady has won 5 while Rodgers has only one. That’s far from being comparable in GOAT status if that’s a rubric you want to abide by. If skillset is being discussed, then you can probably put Rodgers in that conversation, as he has made some memorable plays with his arm, both regular season and playoffs. However, you would also have to place Saints quarterback Drew Brees and future hall-of-famer Peyton Manning above him for the numbers they put up with their arms. Rodgers might not even be the GOAT of this league at the moment; that’s something that you can arguably hand over to Brees. But it will always be fun to throw around who may or may not be the greatest QB.


Shout out to Tennessee Titans Kevin Byard for remaking one of the greatest celebrations of all time. Monday, against the Dallas Cowboys, Byard picked off QB Dak Prescott and ran to the middle of the field to reenact the Terell Owens celebration from 2000. Other Titans players joined him before Cowboys cornerback Byron Jones tried to disrupt the entire thing.

Shut out to former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin who showed out for his Cowboys on national television. Irvin was a guest on ESPN First Take, while the show filmed in Arlington, Texas at the Cowboys’ AT&T stadium. But after looking like a Baptist preacher on Easter service, the Cowboys still lost 28-14 to the Titans. You can catch his pseudo-holy ghost antics in the clip below:

Shout out to Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas, who also remade a famous celebration from way back when. Thomas reenacted the Joe Horn cellphone celebration that happened in 2003. Horn, also a Saints receiver at the time, scored a touchdown and pulled a cellphone from under the goalposts. Fast forward to 2018 and Thomas was able to pull off the same celebration after catching a 72 yard touchdown pass. To top that off, he actually bought 2 flip phones the morning of the game, at a convenience store, so he could hide one under each goalpost:

Shut out to former NFL quarterback and all-time videogame legend Michael Vick. TMZ pulled up on him and asked his opinion about the cellphone celebration by Michael Thomas. Vick responded by saying players should not “corrupt the game like that.” People are so busy cancelling Kanye when we might need to consider Vick.

Ironically, the Thursday Night Football game for Week 10 might be the best one on the schedule while everything else is mediocre from a casual standpoint. Some of the games this weekend look good on paper because of the records, but a few teams look like they will be outmatched. However, Thursday will see the Pittsburgh Steelers host the Carolina Panthers. Both teams are deep a playoff race of their conferences where the Steelers hold a division lead in the AFC North, and the Panthers are 1 game behind the Saints in the NFC South. That is all I have for this week but until next week…I’ll holla.

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