Some Of The Crazy Ways Ballers Spend Their Money

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Professional athletes are generating more money than they ever have before and therefore are earning more money than they ever have before.  A lot of stories have been generated from their spending exploits whether it is the latest luxury cars, big houses and spending in excess partying.

Anyone becoming a multi-millionaire in their 20s would more likely than not lead to ridiculous investments and a lavish lifestyle.  I just want to spend a little time talking about some of the more extravagant and crazy purchases by some athletes.moneymay

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is known for his wild spending and huge sports gambling. Mayweather actually wins a great deal from legal sports gambling but in Super Bowl XLVIII, he bet on the Denver Broncos who lost to the Seattle Seahawks and lost a whopping $10 million!!

segwayArian Foster, running back for the Houston Texans, knows that a running back is only as successful as his offensive line.  The offensive line opens up the holes and literally put their bodies on the line for the running backs and quarterbacks.  As a gesture of appreciation, Foster actually spent more than $50,000 treating each offensive lineman with their own Segway for the holidays.

DeShawn Stevenson won a NBA championship with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011 and last playeddstevenson with the Atlanta Hawks in 2013. Stevenson, was so tired of driving to the bank, that he actually bought his own ATM and placed it in his kitchen.  He spent $3,500 on the ATM and the fee to withdraw money was a sky-high $4.50 per transaction.  Hopefully a portion of those fees actually came back to him – that would make it a real nice investment.

Protecting and healing the body is essential for an athlete and getting proper rest is part of that.  Charlotte Hornets center/power forward Al Jefferson is no small man standing at 6’10” and weighing around 290 pounds.  To make sure that he gets a good night sleep he actually dropped $23,000 on a 10X12 foot bed.  Wow!

Lou Williams, who currently plays with the Los Angeles Lakers, made a purchase that was surprising, but not because of how much he spent.  Williams was confronted by an armed robber and was able to diffuse the situation by treating the would-be robber to some McDonald‘s.  The mugger actually recognized Williams and reportedly thanked him for the work he was doing in the community.

jeromewilliamsjydJerome Williams played in the NBA from 1996-2005.  He was drafted by the Detroit Pistons and was nicknamed the Junkyard Dog by Rick Mahorn for his hard work and hustle.  Williams actually became the first player to hire his own personal mascot to cheer himself on at every game.

Nelson Cruz is a four-time MLB All-Star, was named the Most Valuable Player of the 2011 American League Championship Series and in 2014 he led the American League in home runs.  Hailing from the Dominican Republic, his hometown did not have a fire engine.  Thanks to Nelson Cruz it does now!

Terrell Owens‘ money mismanagement has been widely reported on.  One of his worst investments was $2 million he put into an Alabama Bingo hall – yes Bingo!  However, the investment violated the NFL’s gambling policy, which cost him all of his seed money.

Travelling first class is normal for athletes, with some even purchasing their own private jets.  Michael Jordan recently spent $3o million on a private jet with a Carolina blue Air Jordan symbol on the tail of the plane.  Jordan, who has recently entered the billionaire’s club, can afford it!vinceyoung

Former Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young, made tens of millions of dollars in his heyday but infamously squandered his money away.  One of the craziest things he would do is buyout entire flights on Southwest, just so he wouldn’t be disturbed.






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