Bahamas’ Shaunae Miller Makes a Crazy Finish for Gold Medal

Published On August 16, 2016 | By Brandon | dime pieces, Latest posts, Other Sports, sports news

By Brandon Simmons

If you are ever at a tough point in your life, and need a relatively current example about not giving up, then please refer to the Bahamas’ Shaunae Miller as a source of strength. Monday, the Bahamas sprinter literally went head first at the task of winning the gold medal in the 400 meters, by diving across the finish line. It may sound like a viral social media clip, but Miller did it for the Vine and the gold with only a few seconds to spare in the race.

But according to ESPN, the real star of the race was supposed to be Team USA’s Allyson Felix. Felix was on a quest to become the first woman to win five gold medals in track at the Olympics. She was heavily favored to win this race, partially due to the fact she was also the defending world champion.

But none of that mattered when it came to the crucial part of the race. Starting in Lane 7, Miller lagged as Felix slowly took away the lead. In the last 100 meters of the race, Felix and Miller were neck and neck as they were heading into the finish. While Felix simply leaned in for the finish line, Miller dove head first into it and barely getting the victory with the help of her shoulder. The final results showed up with Miller securing a time 49.44 seconds to Felix’s 44.51. ESPN reports that the rule book allows for the move as the wins are determined by any part of the torso that gets across the line first.

Without question it was one of the wildest moments in this year’s Olympics and perhaps in sports overall this year. It was sort of similar to the Hail Mary passes that Green Bay packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw in both a regular season and postseason game; also similar to the game winning 3 that Warrior point guard Steph Curry hit against the Oklahoma City Thunder earlier this year. This was more special because the Olympics are only around for 4 years, and usually the game that do not carry this much of a dramatic fashion. It also reinforces the notion that we should dive head first for the things we really want in life.

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