Ayesha Curry Implies Good Lovin’ Makes Steph Curry Shoot The Lights Out On Court

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Stephen Curry is leading the red-hot, undefeated Golden State Warriors to a 12-0 start this season after winning the NBA championship last season.  Curry has scored more than 100 points more than the second-leading NBA scorer and has even surpassed his father, NBA legend Dell Curry on the NBA’s all-time three-point shooting list.  The younger Curry accomplished this feat in his 427th game in what took his father 1,083 games to achieve.

currycrazydunkWhat is driving and motivating Stephen Curry to play at such a high level?

Twitter may have inadvertently found out and hopefully women are taking note.

Curry’s superhuman exploits on the basketball court have inspired a lot of memes attempting to explain his stellar play.  During the Raptors vs. Warriors game, Twitter user @DonCapra gave his hilarious explanation why Curry was on fire:



The meme was so good, another Twitter user @TheOtherHeart retweeted the meme and tagged Steph Curry’s wife, Ayesha Curry. Interestingly, Ayesha seen the meme and her response instantly made her the MVP NBA wife in the eyes of many fans:    

curryyellAt this point it seems as if Stephen Curry can not lose !!  He has a beautiful and um, familychampssupportive wife, and his daughter Riley has already proven to be a media darling. Stephon and Ayesha Curry are the Barack and Michelle Obama of relationships in the NBA.

They are very open and fun with their marriage and are often featured together in videos dancing and enjoying themselves.  While we live in an age that does not generally respect the institution of marriage as society once did, it is more than refreshing to see a young couple, thriving and relishing in union.

Sweet, endearing and dare I say enviable are some of the words that come to my mind when describing their relationship.

Now because of the insight given through Twitter we know why and for that, Ayesha, yes YOU ARE THE MVP !!!







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