At 500 Pounds, This Man Might be the Biggest Football Player Ever

Published On October 1, 2013 | By Big BOSS | Other Sports, sports news

BY:  John “Hennry” Harris


John “House” Taylor plays defensive line for the Central Penn Piranhas, a semi-professional football team in Enola, Pennsylvania.  The Piranhas head coach and owner, Ron Kerr, told WHP-TV that “House has a simple job on defense – take up space.”

A simple job indeed for “House”, who at 6’11 and a staggerging 500 pounds, just may be the biggest person to ever play football at any level.  “House” is listed at 465 pounds, but said the last time he stepped on the scale it hit 500 pounds.

The mammoth lineman spends most of the game on the sidelines except when Coach Kerr utilizes “House” to defend short yardage situations.

“An offense can’t block, what an offense can’t see. If they can’t see the linebackers, they don’t where they coming from, the offensive linemen. He has to be double-teamed. He’s too big not to be.”

Taylor’s girth does stand up to some of the largest players to ever play in the NFL.

Aaron Gibson was an offensive tackle, from the University of Wisconsin, drafted in the first round of the 1999 NFL Draft by the Detroit Lions with the 27th pick.

Gibson was described as “a prototype right tackle in the NFL” sporting a “huge body with big legs and a gigantic chest.”  At 6’6″, Gibson also holds the record for being the heaviest NFL player at a crushing 410 pounds, weighing over 440 pounds in high school.

Richard Ellis Sligh was taken in the tenth round of the 1967 Common Draft to the American Football League’s Oakland Raiders with the 253 pick.  Sligh was drafted ahead of notable players like Preston PearsonLeroy Mitchell and Randy Rasmussen and holds the record of being the tallest person to ever play professional football at a towering 7′.  Sligh only played in 8 games professionally and did not register a single tackle in any of them.

“House” is only an inch shorter than Sligh, but outweighs Gibson by nearly 90 pounds.  Size doesn’t always translate into success in the NFL but nonetheless, the man they call “House” puts in a major bid for the title of “Biggest Man to Ever Play Football”.


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